• Community Service
    Service Learning allows students the opportunity to give something back to the community while expanding their horizons beyond the world of school. Students can earn a maximum of one (1) credit each school year with one hundred twenty (120) documented service hours and appropriate reflections for all hours submitted. Community service hours are credits that will appear on the transcript only. They do not take the place of class credits needed for graduation.
    Before performing a service in the community, students should download a copy of the community service form, which should be filled out by their site supervisor (an adult). The documentation of service hours must include a reflection, which focuses on the insights or benefits gained while participating in the service activity. Possibilities are very wide-ranging, from tutoring elementary students, to volunteering in a retirement home, to coaching younger children in a sport. If a student is unsure whether an activity may be credited for community service, he/she should meet with the community service faculty member before taking part in the activity.