• World Languages
    Most children are experts in their own language by the time they go to kindergarten. The World Language Department at Collegiate Academy believes that it takes at least three years for a student learning a second language to achieve basic proficiency. Therefore, we require a minimum three-year commitment for the study of a world language and offer the ability to take a fourth year. When students sign up for a language in their freshmen year, they are also choosing to explore the culture and mindset of that language. All World Language programs guide the student from novice to an intermediate level. Students leave the program able to navigate outside the classroom in the language and culture of their choice. Students are also able to study two world languages simultaneously, beginning in their sophomore year — and many do! Welcome to the Global Village!
    Advanced Placement World Language. Students who want to continue their study of languages beyond the third year have the option of taking Advanced Placement classes in each language. These courses focus on preparing students for success on the AP test by training them to read, write, comprehend, and speak their target language with intermediate proficiency. Specifically, students work to develop the ability to understand the spoken target language in various contexts; they develop the vocabulary sufficient for reading newspaper and magazine articles, literary texts and other non-technical writing without dependence on a dictionary. Finally, students develop the ability to competently speak and comprehend the target language. Advanced Placement language study is not for the weak of heart; it is an extremely demanding course of study, but equally rewarding. Students acquire skills that they will use throughout their lives in our global society. Keep in mind that some universities offer up to 12 credits for a high passing score on the AP exam!