• Television Practicum (KING-TV)
    1 Credit
    Grades 9–12
    "Three. Two. One. Take tape with audio full; ready camera one on a two shot in three, two, one. Cue anchors and open their mics." This pressure-filled atmosphere of live TV is intended to excite and motivate students. Students are required to arrive at the studio at 7:40 in the morning and work in their various positions until 8:20 every morning. This course allows students to put all the communication theories and production techniques to work as they produce daily, weekly, and specialized video packages to be broadcast to the rest of the school. The classroom is an actual television studio where students combine their on-air and behind-the-scenes talents to broadcast live every morning. Students rotate positions throughout the year and find themselves in the role of a technical director, audio or tape engineer, a graphics or camera operator, an anchor, or possibly a producer.
    Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation and audition.