• Advanced Placement Human Geography
    1 Credit
    Grade 9
    Advanced Placement Human Geography is a college-level course in which students investigate, in great detail, how Human Geography impacts our daily lives and decision-making. Human Geography is the study of the patterns and processes that have shaped our understanding, use, and alteration of the Earth’s surface. Geographers ask the questions like “Where?” and “Why?” Where is the world’s population distributed and why? What is the impact of that distribution on our planet? Where is folk culture clustered? Where is the optimal place to locate a new business, and why? Why do industries face problems? Why do boundaries with states cause problems? Students will study basic geographical concepts and apply geographical thinking to population, economic, and political data. They will study cultural geography, urban geography, agricultural geography, economic geography, and environmental geography. Advanced Placement Human Geography students will employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to analyze human social organization and its environmental consequences.