• Creative Writing
    .5 Credits
    Grades 11, 12
    This is a course for the student who loves to read and write — the creative soul. Students work within a workshop atmosphere, providing and accepting critiques of their own work and the work of others. There is also in-depth discussion of some classic and contemporary work by established writers. Creative Writing provides opportunities for students to refine their creative writing skills and abilities beyond those developed in the required Language Arts courses. This course encourages students to see creative writing as a unique way of thinking and as a means of constructing and conveying meaning. Students in the creative writing course are encouraged to explore and develop their own ideas. Through experiences in creative writing, students are encouraged to explore connections between their own writing, the writing of others, and the broader world around them. Finally, students will design, edit, and contribute writing pieces to Collegiate Academy’s literary magazine, The Collegiate Art Den Review.
    Prerequisites: Language Arts 9 and Language Arts 10.