• Modern American History
    1 Credit
    Grade 11
    American history is not only the story of famous heroes and heroines but also of ordinary people. Remarkable leaders like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan have guided the country in times of crisis, while other men and women have been outstanding in business, science and education. But America’s greatness also rests on the hard work and dedicated effort of countless “real” Americans, whose names we will never know. Throughout history, Americans have looked for new frontiers, pushing ever westward to build new towns and adding new states. Now Americans are looking forward to the frontiers of space. History is not only about yesterday’s events but also about today’s headlines and tomorrow’s news. Ordinary people from many different backgrounds like you are the people who really write history. This is why we study history – because you are part of it! As we study American History we will use the themes of government, geography, diversity, economics, culture, foreign relations, and science and technology to understand history. Our study of American History will begin in 1890s with the events leading up to the Spanish American War – the war that propelled America on to the world scene and began its ascent to the superpower it is today. This course will enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of American History and increase their ability to decipher facts, dates, and events in order to bring history to life. Students will have a unique understanding of American society and how it has survived and prospered. This course will also tie together what the student learned last year in World History and what the student will learn next year in AP American Government and Politics.