• Advanced Placement Language and Composition
    1 Credit
    Grades 10, 11, 12
    This course has two equally important goals. First, it prepares students to succeed on the Advanced Placement Language and Composition test, which is administered in May. Second, it offers students the chance to work at a college level, providing excellent preparation for the challenges and demands they will face in college. The class focuses on the rhetoric of literary nonfiction. Students work to develop as writers by integrating into their own writing the rhetorical skills they study in the writing of master authors. Students also read a number of classic American novels and study advanced vocabulary that will contribute to their success on the AP, SAT, and ACT tests. A fully documented research paper that meets all required criteria is required for successful completion of this class.
    Prerequisites: Exemplary completion of Language Arts 9 or 10. Students should also be committed to the careful reading and critical analysis of fiction and non-fiction. (Please refer to the Advanced Placement page of the course book.)
    Required summer reading: All students taking AP Language must complete the summer reading assignment before the first day of school. The assignment can be found on the Collegiate Academy website.