• Dual Enrollment
    Collegiate Academy has a partnership with local colleges whereby juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take college courses for high school credit in core subject areas. Core college courses are weighted as an Advanced Placement course and will be factored into the student’s GPA; elective college courses receive Collegiate Honors weight. College courses and grades appear on the student’s report card/transcript along with the grades earned in Collegiate Academy courses. Many students have benefited from this program; however, it does require initiative and self-discipline on the student’s part to maintain good grades in both areas.
    These college courses are offered as an enhancement to the Collegiate Academy course offerings and are completely optional. The colleges offer them at a greatly reduced tuition, and each school has a different cost per credit. Students must purchase their own books and provide their own transportation. While every effort is made to schedule Collegiate Academy classes around the college courses, students assume responsibility for making up Collegiate Academy course work missed while attending college classes. Students can also take summer and evening college courses for dual enrollment credit. Rigorous high school course work, including dual enrollment courses and Advanced Placement courses, enhance a student’s chances of admission at highly select colleges as well as prepare them for college level rigor.
    Please note that every college has its own policy on accepting the college credit earned through this dual enrollment program. Some colleges will only accept college credit that was not counted as high school credit; some colleges may not accept a course that is a required course in the student’s intended major. Students can check the credit transfer policy of most colleges on the individual college websites.
    High school dual enrollment is an excellent way for juniors and seniors to earn college credit at a reduced rate while completing the required credit for high school graduation. Students have enriched their knowledge in certain subject areas in anticipation of a rigorous choice of major and/or have pursued courses of interest simply to expand their own knowledge. Any student scheduling a college course as a required high school course in language arts, math, science, social studies, and/or world language must do so in the fall semester to ensure availability and avoid credit shortages, which would endanger graduation. Students must also register for dual enrollment courses and go through the Collegiate Academy guidance department in advance of the course start date. A student may not schedule dual enrollment courses in the middle of a Collegiate Academy semester if the student is failing or doing poorly in a current Collegiate Academy course. These courses are meant for enrichment of Collegiate Academy curriculum. All dual enrollment courses must be approved by Collegiate Academy administration or the guidance department.
    In order to schedule dual enrollment classes, students and a parent/guardian must sign a contract agreeing to abide by all and policies of Collegiate Academy and the college. Students must be in good academic standing to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program.