• Mock Trial 1
    .5 Credit
    Grades 10 and 11
    Students learn legal terminology, courtroom procedure, Pennsylvania Law as it applies to the cases we study and present, public speaking skills, questioning techniques, case strategy, evidence analysis, and more. We use case materials that have been provided by the Pennsylvania Bar Associations Young Lawyers Division, which are used for the statewide Mock Trial competition each year to create a courtroom scenario in which students perform the roles of prosecuting/plaintiff and defense attorneys and witnesses. We work with a local attorney during the class, and we have guest speakers from a variety of legal occupations come in to present and expose students to various careers in law. This spring semester course will provide students with the foundation of knowledge and skills that are required to take Mock Trial 2 during the fall semester of the following school year. This course is open to students in grades 10 and 11.