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    Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    The middle school grades can be transformative for helping students achieve full potential in school, career and life.  The middle grades lay the foundation for students selecting careers and the coursework that will be needed in high school to fulfill their career goals.  Our curriculum comes complete with interactive living portfolio, Matchmaker assessment tool, multimedia occupational profiles, detailed career information, and more.  Defining what a student wants to be as an adult, and focusing on goals and opportunities at these grade levels is important.
    Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Strands: 
    • 13.1 - Career Awareness and Preparation
    • 13.2 - Career Acquisition
    • 13.3 - Career Retention and Advancement
    • 13.4 - Entrepreneurship
    Career Cruising Implementation Plan: 
    Grade 6 
    • Each student needs to login to his or her personal Portfolio and review the "Things to Remember" section.  
    • Complete the first 39 questions of Career Matchmaker.               
    • Complete Activity 3 - Using Career Matchmaker
    • Save Matchmaker Results as 6th grade results
    • Students need to complete the Learning Styles Inventory and save results to the Portfolio.   
    • Students will begin to explore career information by researching careers of interest using the keyword search.  Students can then save one career they would like to explore further.   
    • Students will make note of Hobbies and Interests in the Portfolio. 
    Grade 7 
    • Students will enter short and long term goals in the Career and Life Goals section of the Portfolio.
    • Students will review their Matchmaker Results from 6th grade and any careers they saved to their portfolio.  Have students update their careers of interest they've saved to their portfolio.  
    • Activity #1 : Students will research career(s) by school subject and update their career(s) of interest to the Portfolio.   
    • Students can explore different industries of interest and can work either alone, or as part of a group to present their findings to their classmates including a description of at least two significant careers in the industry.  
    • Update Hobbies and Interests in the Portfolio. 
    • Begin a journal by keeping track and reflecting on career development activities.  
    Grade 8
    • Activity #3 -Complete the first 39 questions of Career Matchmaker.  Student should also specify the level of Education they're planning.  Save Matchmaker Results as 8th Grade Results and updating the Best Match.  
    • Students can begin to review the College Planning Timeline.  
    • Students will research careers by cluster and save at least two careers of interest to the Portfolio.  Students should also indicate in the Career Preparation section their top two clusters.
    • Students will complete Activity #7- Career and Clusters Research Project
    • Students should answer additional Career Matchmaker questions.  Students should have completed all 116 questions at this point.  
    • Students will complete Activity #4 - Your Career Ideas and Career Matchmaker
    • Students can reflect on their career suggestions by writing in My Journal.  
    • Students will begin planning their four-year plan (Educational Plan)
    • Make notes of any new Hobbies and Interests.
    • Include Extra Curricular Activities in the Portfolio.
    • Review and update Career and Life Goals.  
    Other Career Activities found in the following Areas: