Career Cruising Grade 8 Implementation Plan:
    • Activity #3 -Complete the first 39 questions of Career Matchmaker.  Student should also specify the level of Education they're planning.  Save Matchmaker Results as 8th Grade Results and updating the Best Match.  
    • Students can begin to review the College Planning Timeline.  
    • Students will research careers by cluster and save at least two careers of interest to the Portfolio.  Students should also indicate in the Career Preparation section their top two clusters.
    • Students will complete Activity #7- Career and Clusters Research Project
    • Students should answer additional Career Matchmaker questions.  Students should have completed all 116 questions at this point.  
    • Students will complete Activity #4 - Your Career Ideas and Career Matchmaker
    • Students can reflect on their career suggestions by writing in My Journal.  
    • Students will begin planning their four-year plan (Educational Plan)
    • Make notes of any new Hobbies and Interests.
    • Include Extra Curricular Activities in the Portfolio.
    • Review and update Career and Life Goals.  

    Grade 8 Lesson Plan Examples: