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    Career Cruising Grade 9 Implementation Plan: 
    • Activity #5- "Using Career Selector." Students will research careers using the Career Selector and save their results to the Portfolio.  Students should also save another two careers of interest to the Portfolio.  
    • Activity #6- "Comparing Careers." Students will review careers of interest and compare two possible career choices.  
    • Review the College Planning Timeline.
    • Have students delete their previous Learning Styles Inventory results and retake the assessment.  Explain that their learning styles may have changed since they last took this inventory in the 6th grade.  
    • Using the information they have gathered about different careers, students can prepare a pamphlet, presentation, report etc., about one of their careers of interest.  Students can draw upon the information they recorded in Activity #6- Comparing Careers as a starting point.  Students can then reflect on their work using My Journal.   
    • Students will update their four-year plan. 
    • Activity #10 - Discovering your Work Skills.  Students will update Hobbies and Interests and Extracurricular Activities.   Students will select five Skills and Abilities to include in the Portfolio.
    • Students will review and update Career and Life Goals.   
    Career Objectives: 
    Grade 9 Lesson Plan Examples: