• Career Cruising Grade 3 Implementation Plan:
    " All About Me."  Explores personal interests, favorite school subjects, contribution at home, self-awareness, listening skills, taking initiative and the concept of career paths.  
    Students will  complete 1-7 units of Career Cruising using ccSpark grade 3.   ccSpark! is a career education website that helps students plan their future by introducing and exploring different career opportunities.  Students will meet different people in Sparkdale while trying to solve the mystery as a detective. Students will keep a profile and be introduced to 6 different pathways.  
      ccSpark!  Click to run demo
    Career Objectives: 
    Students recognize that the roles of individuals are constantly changing.  
    Students identify the range of jobs available in the community.
    Students learn about occupations in the various career concentrations.
    Students will identify attitudes and work habits that contribute to success at home and school.  
    Students are instructed in diversity and gender equality in the workplace.
    Students set goals and design a plan of how to achieve them.
    Students compare non traditional and traditional occupations.  
    Students will define entrepreneurship.  
    Students discuss entrepreneur character traits and opportunities.   
    Grade 3 Career Lesson Plans: 
    Career Development Activities/Ideas: 
    Career Awareness Workbook            Download Here       
    Create Puzzles Free                       Download Here