Career Cruising Grade 7 Implementation Plan:
    • Students will enter short and long term goals in the Career and Life Goals section of the Portfolio.
    • Students will review their Matchmaker Results from 6th grade and any careers they saved to their portfolio.  Have students update their careers of interest they've saved to their portfolio.  
    • Activity #1 : Students will research career(s) by school subject and update their career(s) of interest to the Portfolio.   
    • Students can explore different industries of interest and can work either alone, or as part of a group to present their findings to their classmates including a description of at least two significant careers in the industry.  
    • Update Hobbies and Interests in the Portfolio. 
    • Begin a journal by keeping track and reflecting on career development activities.  
    Career Objectives: 
    Students take field trips to learn about different jobs. 
    Students  will be introduced to virtual visits and speakers.  
    Students will be introduced to different jobs through career speakers or a speaker series.
    Career Development Activities/Ideas:
    Grade 7 Lesson Plan Examples: