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    Career Cruising Grade 12 Implementation Plan: 
    • Review four year plan with student.  
    • Review the College Planning Timeline
    • Review list of saved schools.
    • Students will begin to explore scholarships and make note of application deadlines.
    • Students will update resume and export to Microsoft Word to further polish their work.  Save the updated resume to the My Files section of the Portfolio.
    • Students will review Employment Guide section on letter writing and prepare a cover letter for the resume.  Add the cover letter to the My Files section of the Portfolio.  
    • Review the interviews skills section of the Employment Guide and have students participate in mock interviews.  Students can complete the Interview Evaluation Worksheet and include it in the My Files section of the Portfolio.   
    • Review the post-secondary plan and make any necessary changes.
    • Students should update Career and Life Goals.
    • Students can submit a final hard-copy draft of their resume and cover letter, along with the interview evaluation as a final project.  
    • Students can reflect on their career preparation experiences throughout high school in the My Journal section.   
    Career Objectives: 
    Grade 12 Lesson Plan Examples: