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    Career Cruising Grade 11 Implementation Plan:
    • Activity #11 - Using My Skills
    • Students will complete the My Skills Assessment for the Career Matchmaker results reflecting the best match results, and save results to Portfolio. Students can then describe a plan for developing the necessary skills for careers of interest using My Journal.  
    • Review the College Planning Timeline
    • Using the list of Careers that Interest Me, students should choose a career and, from the career profile page, click on the Search for Jobs button to see if there are any job opportunities in that field in your community or if they would need to move to find work in that field.  Students can reflect on their search using My Journal.  
    • Students will complete the School Selector and save an additional two schools of interest.   
    • Students will update their four-year plan 
    • Students will complete the Ability Profiler assessment. 
    • Students will review list of saved schools, and compare two schools research two programs of interest to see which schools offer those programs.  Using the Your Thoughts section, make note of admission requirements, costs, campus services, athletics etc.  
    • Complete the Post-Secondary Plan component of the Portfolio.  
    • Update Resume.
    • Students will review and update Career and Life Goals.  
    Career Objectives: 
    Grade 11 Lesson Plan Examples: