• Career Cruising K-2 Implementation Plan:
    Students will  complete Career Cruising using ccSpark!  ccSpark! is a career education website that helps students plan their future by introducing and exploring different career opportunities.  Students will meet six different people while trying to solve the mystery as a detective.  Students will keep a profile and log of their expedition on their Dpad.
    Click to open link  ccSpark!  

    Career Objectives: 
    Students identify different kinds of work.
    Students identify current personal interests.
    Students will define a good worker. 
    Students role-play different community jobs.
    Students match picture of worker to occupation.  
    Students match tool to the worker.   
    Students take field trips to learn about different jobs. 
    Students will be introduced to different jobs through guest speakers/parents. 
    Career Development Activities/Ideas:
    Career Paper Dolls/Coloring Pages                         Download Here
    Career Matching games.                                         Download Here
    Career Coloring/Activity Book                               Download Here